Our products are being used world-wide. This is a small selection of MegiQ customers:

  • Honeywell, The Netherlands
  • Philips, The Netherlands
  • Bosch, Germany
  • Chess Wise, The Netherlands
  • Muco Technologies, The Netherlands
  • Silicon Controls, Australia
  • Locate Solutions, Germany
  • Teufel, Germany
  • Trafficast, USA
  • Noda, Japan
  • Research Institute for Flexible Materials, UK
  • Universidad Computense de Madrid, Spain
  • University of Zaragosa, Spain
  • University of Ankara, Turkey
  • University of Calgary, Canada
  • University of Hong Kong
  • Czech Technical University, Czech Republic


"The MegiQ VNA is very useful in our production to screen ceramic antennas for their frequency range"

Ivo Mols, Honeywell.


"The straighforward userinterface and practical features makes this an excellent addition to our RF test arsenal"

Marcel van der Aalst, Muco Technologies.


"The MegiQ Radiation Measurement System gives us a real insight in the performance of our wireless devices and saves a lot of testing time"

Siebren de Vries, Chess Wise.


"It is very convenient to work with. I finished the project on 400-465 MHz and 915 MHz and it worked very well. I ran out of a set of cables so that is how much I measured. The device paid for itself in a month work. I am preparing my indoor positioning system with it and it will help on receiver and amplifier and antenna design for sure"

Dr Siavash Sheikh Zeinoddin, Calgary University.


"Today we have got already first results, and at the moment we're completely satisfied with the VNA"

Oleksandr Pavlenko, Protelus GmbH.







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