Product Information

VNA Sandbox Overview  Excerpts of our VNA Sandbox tutorial that is included with the VSB.
Balanced Calibration Kit Overview Excerpts of our Balanced measurements tutorial that is included with the Balanced Calibration Kit.
VNA-0440(e) Specifications Specifications of the MegiQ VNA0440 and VNA0440e.
RMS-0740 Specifications Specifications of the MegiQ Radiation Measurement System.


Software and documentation

  Smith IconMegiQ VNA Software 1.7.01 MegiQ VNA Application software installer.
  Smith IconMegiQ VNA Firmware 1.7.01  Firmware for VNA0440(e) / VNA0460(e)
  PDF Icon 32x32MegiQ VNA0440-VNA0460 User Manual V3.0  VNA0440(e) / VNA0460(e) User Manual
  PDF Icon 32x32What's new in VNA Software 1.7.00  New features in version 1.7.00
  PDF Icon 32x32MegiQ VNA API specification Documentation of the MegiQ VNA Application Programming Interface.
  ZIP Icon 32x32MegiQ VNA API package Documentation and example programs that use the MegiQ VNA Application Programming Interface.


Application Notes

AN100 VNA-0440(e) Measurements Example measurements exploring the possibilities of the VNA0440 and VNA0440e and the VNA Sandbox.
AN101 Care of Connectors Some tips how to prevent damage to connectors.
AN102 Use of UFL Connectors How UFL connectors can be used in VNA measurements.
AN103 Production Antenna Testing Case report of using the VNA0440 in production testing.
AN104 RF in Luminaires Designing RF inside all metal luminairs can be challenging.
AN105 Contactless Antenna Measurement using a VNA A technique of antenna measurement using a coupling loop
AN106 Calculating TIS from TRP How to calculate TIS when the TRP can be readily measured
AN107 VNA-0460e Measurement Quality Assessment of the quality of the VNA-0460e Vector Network Analyzer measurements

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