MegiQ RF Products

MegiQ VNA kit

MegiQ provides the tools you need for developing and verifying your wireless products. We don't just provide the equipment, our tools address the whole measurement setup to get the signals to the PCB and to keep track of the measurements. We strive to provide RF measurement products that are ready for measurement out-of-the-box.

Whether you need to measure an on-board antenna or filter, or to match the antenna to the filter, or you need to measure the radiation performance of your device, we have a solution. Our tools measure all popular communication bands from 400MHz to 4GHz and 6GHz.

Vector Network Analyzers

Our VNAs are small enough to fit on the workbench but deliver high quality measurements.

Calibration Kits

MegiQ RMS system measuring Iphone

Our Calibration kits will put the calibration plane right at the PCB or at the antenna, balanced or unbalanced.

Antenna Radiation Measurement

Our Radiation Measurement System measures radiated power without the need of an anechoic chamber.




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