The MegiQ philosophy

MegiQ VNA 3-port measurement

We create measuring and test equipment for those who develop wireless applications. While this sounds like nothing new, there are already several manufacturors of great measuring sets, we have a holistic view on the RF measurements and the development process.

We focus on circuit and antenna measurements. We have Vector Network Analyzers (VNA) with different options for measuring and tuning the device itself. And we have a Radiation Measurement System (RMS) for measuring the spatial radiation properties of the device.

But we don’t start there. As we are RF developers ourselves, we realize that a measurement does not start at the input of our VNA, it starts in the circuit itself. So we provide several connection and calibration kits to get to the PCB.

And we don’t stop there. A development is more than having a graph on a screen that changes when we change something. For a structured development it is important to keep track of what we do, so we make it easy to log the measurements and to retrace the steps, and restart from there if necessary.

We only stop when the development is done and documented. Our application software exports clear and easy to read graphical results that can be readily pasted in a development report.

And in the process we have several features to make things even easier and more sophisticated.

Our philosophy:

  • Create professional and holistic tools for wireless hardware developers.
  • Provide educational tools to make wireless hardware development accessible to those with little experience in the RF field.
  • Keep our products affordable for those with a small budget.

On our Measurement pages you can find solutions to several RF measurement challenges. In our Resources section you can find background and support information on our products and other RF developments. We also keep a Blog to update you with our latest insights and developments.


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